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50Hz resonant test

Hydraulic type resonance test set

Used for AC voltage withstand test of HV equipents,

specially GIS and CVT.

  • Integrated design of HV unit and excitation transformer
  • Special insulation material used, no oil leakage
  • Corona-free designed

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  • Detail
  • Application
  • main feature
  • Specification

CHX-(LYY) hydraulic series resonance test system is used for AC voltage withstand test and partial discharge test of HV equipments up to 500kV, especially for CVT and GIS. 

  • Configurations optional

  1. Two reactors multi-taps designed, enables required power frequency resonant HV output of onsite CVT calibration under 50Hz.

  2. Equipped with variable frequency power supply, enables AC voltage withstand test of 100kV-500kV GIS, breakers, mutual inductors, insulators, etc. 


  • Power frequency corona free HV power supply onsite calibration of CVT angular difference and ratio difference

  • AC voltage withstand test of GIS, switch, CT, breaker and bushing up to 500kV 



  • Hydraulic device lifts up and down the HV test reactor, enhancing onsite test frequency

  • Integrated design of corona free HV test reactor and the excitation transformer saves the field test space.

  • Silicone rubber shed as insulation material of the lifting device shortens height of the HV device and optimizes the volume and weight of the device.

  • The metal base of the lifting device is stable and solid, convenient for transport

  • Enables installation in a test trailer