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Current inject test set

Primary Current inject test set

Used for large current thermal-cycle test of cables,

  • Multi-protection function ,audible and visual alarming
  • Voltage withstand timing, ease of operation
  • 5 min duty cylcle, other cysles available on request

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DDG large current generator is designed as the large current source required in electric tests of equipments in electric departments, industrial and mining enterprises. 


  • For thermal-cycle test of cables

  • Serves as large or ultra-large current calibration source

  • For switchgears,contactors,relays of 50 Hz


  • Zero-position protection and over current protection designed

  • Voltage withstand timing and audible and visible alarm

  • Easy wire connection and easy of operation 

  • Output current specification 500A-10000A available

  • 5 min duty cycle and other cysles available on request