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Current inject test set

Secondary current inject tester

Used for onsite current calibration test.

  • High accuracy, digital display
  • 5 min duty cycle
  • With solid and sturdy aluminum case

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DMG series portable large current generator is used  for onsite current calibration test. It's composed of portable rising current tester and large current test wires. 


  • Small and medium current calibration test source (for ratio and polarity test)

  • Switchgear, contactor, relay 


  • High accuracy, digital display

  • 5 min duty cycle. Other duty cycle available on request.

  • With solid and sturdy aluminum case 


  • Output current: 0~1000A, Output voltage: 7.5V; Power: 6KVA

  • Primary ampere meter measuring: 0~1000A, resolution:  0.1A, difference: ± 0.5% + 2 digits

  • Secondary ampere meter measuring: 0~5A, resolution: 1mA, difference: ± 0.5% + 2 digits

  • Mains voltage: AC220V±10%

  • Service condition:

  • Temperature: 0~+40&deg;C, Humidity<85% without condensation

  • Dimension: 360&times;290&times;280mm

  • Weight: 37kg