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Impulse HV test set

Large capacity DC high voltage generator

sed for detecting the leakage current of insulation

materials and HV equipments.

  • Large output current and small voltage drop
  • igh measuring accuracy and stable output voltage
  • RTV antifouling coating enables hours operation outdoors

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ZGF-D large capacity DC high voltage generator is used to test the insulation performance of test objects by detecting their leakage current. 


  • DC analogue test of HV and ultra HV DC power transmission line, transmission equipments and arresters;

  • DC voltage withstand test of HV and ultra HV arrestors and power transmission lines

  • DC voltage withstand test of large capacity test objects, such as oil-filled cables, capacitors, paper-insulated cables



  • Excellent structure, large output current, small voltage drop

  • Silicon-controlled auto traces voltage regulation,ensuring high anti-interference performance

  • Auto and manual operation optional

  • High test accuracy and reliability

  • Safety due to quick ground protection device

  • DC step-up unit coated with antifouling RTV enables long hours operation outdoors


  • Rated output voltage: 50-2000kV

  • Rated output current: 10-200mA 

  • Rated input voltage: 380V±10%,50Hz

  • Rated output frequency: power frequency or middle frequency

  • PD ≤ 10pC at rated voltage

  • Output voltage stability ≤ 1.5%

  • ripple factor ≤ 5%

  • Duty cycle: continuous long hours operation

  • Voltage withstand level: 60s at 110% rated voltage, without flashover or breakdown

  • Service location: indoors or outdoors

Customized specification available on request.