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V/F resoant test set

Series resonant test set with variable frequency

  • Modular design enables series and parallel connection
  • Test frequency: 20-300Hz
  • Q≥ 60(f=20Hz)

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CHX-F series resonant equipment with variable frequency is applied to onsite AC withstand test for large capacitive and high voltage test objects. Compared to the traditional clumsy and heavy test system, CHX-F series resonant equipment is more compact and less-weight. Necessary components include variable frequency power supply, excitation transformer, HV test reactor and capacitive voltage divider. Other components, such as isolation transformer, HV damping protection inductance (for GIS), compensating capacitor and peak voltmeter are optional. 

Principle diagram of resonant test system ( GIS/GIL)

1. Variable frequency power supply
2. Excitation transformer
3. HV test reactor
4. Capacitive voltage divider
5. Damping protection inductance
6. Test and control computer
7. Control panel of variable frequency power supply
8. Emergency stop control box
9. Ultra high frequency/ultrasonic PD detector
10. -----  cable


      Communication fiber/measuring signal wire




  • AC withstand test of 110kV、220kV、500kV long distance XLPE crosslink cables and GIS, HV coupling capacitor, CVT up to 1000KV

  • Assembling capacitor no less than 110KV( at 45-65Hz)


  • Modular design enables series or parallel reactor connection

  • Test frequency ranging from 20Hz to 300Hz

  • Q ≥ 60(f=20Hz)

  • Weight less and compact design

  • Sinusoidal wave output with distortion rate less than 1%

  • Enables installation on test trailer or container