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V/F resoant test set

ACLD test set for transformer

Used for variable frequency induced voltage withstand

and PD test of medium and large transformers.

  • Pure sinusoidal wave output
  • Auto fsearching of resonant frequency
  • Output voltage unstability<1%

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  • Detail
  • Application
  • main feature
  • Specification

FKWJF induced withstand voltage and partial discharge equipments are used for on-site induced withstand voltage and partial discharge testing of power transformers and PTs of 110KV~500KV. The variable frequency power supply equipped in this test set ensures itself free from partial discharge.The whole test set enables the following tests of transformers by enhancing test frequency(100Hz~200Hz).


  • Main configuration

ŸPD free variable frequency power supply
ŸPD free excitation transformer
ŸPD free compensating reactor
ŸPD free HV test reactor
ŸPD free capacitive voltage divider
ŸPartial discharge detector 


  • Large capacity three-phase test transformer of 110KV~750KV

  • Multifold frequency test equipment of PT more than 110KV

  • Graded insulation test transformers of 110KV


  • Ease of operation

  • Small distortion due to pure sinusoidal output

  • High accuracy and stability

  • Test parameters settable

  • Automatic and manual control available

  • Over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, power curve pretection, and discharge breakdown protection,etc

  • Output frequency stable and variable ranging from 20Hz to 400Hz

  • Voltage varied automatically at fixed range

  • HV and LV circuit isolated by optical fiber control

  • Enables installation on test trailer